Fame Rental allows you to work smarter on the World’s Fastest, Most Scalable Platform.

Why Today; What’s Changing?

Will your rental software today, meet your needs tomorrow? How long do you think your rental platform is going to be supported?

We know what the heck we’re doing…

For over 35 years, our team of industry experts has served some of the largest and most advanced industrial companies in the world; positioning their technology to drive them into the future.

What we’re doing for you, today…

Now, we’ve turned our sights to you, the Rental Industry. We’re proud to deliver the next-generation solution that will drive your company into the future:

  • The Word’s Fasted Platform
    • 1,000-10,000x Faster than MS-SQL
    • Built-In, Virtual Data-Models
    • Advanced Predictive Analytics
  • FameMetrics
    • Algorithmic Driven
    • Unlimited KPI’s
    • Multiple Inputs (Velocity, weather, events, news, etc.)
  • Available Anywhere, Anytime
    • Cloud
    • On-Premise
    • Hosted
  • Native Mobile
    • Real-Time
    • Any Device
    • Optimized Access to Any Information